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R Project This is the home page for R, including links to manuals, downloads, FAQs, Wikis, etc.

Design book data, as R package This is the data from A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments as an R package.

R Package for 5303 This is an R package that bundles together existing package components and adds new ones so that we can do the analyses for STAT 5303: Designing Experiments. Many of the commands in this package mimic their forebears from MacAnova.

MacAnova MacAnova is a very nice statistics package that I began in the late 1980s. Later on, Kit Bingham joined the project, made many important additions, and fundamentally kept the project going. I really like MacAnova, it's great for teaching design, multivariate, or time series, but it's time has past. The world has moved to R and so must we. That said, I still use it fairly often.

It looks like our ftp server has gone all extreme security on us, so our old download page for MacAnova is not working. In the meantime, here are links to the MacAnova Windows Installer and the MacAnova Macintosh Installer. Both are version 5.05.3 dated Feb 3, 2006.

TAM TAM stands for Teaching Assignments Manager. I wrote it when I was Director of Graduate Studies and got tired of making mistakes (e.g., positions uncovered or someone with the wrong workload). It is set up for the University of Minnesota scheduling and should be of use to folks who have to set up class schedules there.

Carapace This is my attempt to build a GUI environment for R. In addition to the usual setting of menus and dialog boxes from within R, it also has dynamic linking of interactive graphics. Earlier versions were used to build the GUI for MacAnova, but current work is tailored towards R. "Current" is a matter of interpretation, as work on Carapace came to a shrieking halt when I went to the dean's office. When I left off in fall of 2007, I had a fairly workable Linux solution and the bones of an Mac OS X solution. There has been no work on Windows. One of these days I'll get an RA to round off some of the rough edges and at least get the Linux and Macintosh versions up for public use.

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