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A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments

This book by Gary W. Oehlert was first published in 2000 by W. H. Freeman. As of summer 2010, it has gone out of print. Curiously, I still like this book and would prefer to continue using it in my teaching; some of my colleagues feel the same way. And since the copyright has (will soon) reverted to me, we can do that.

As of October 2010, you may now download a PDF of the complete text from this page. The book is Copyright © 2010 by Gary W. Oehlert, but I am distributing it under a Creative Commons license. Briefly, you are free to copy, distribute, and transmit this work provided the following conditions are met:

A complete description of the license may be found at the Creative Commons website.

Download Book

You may download A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments by clicking here (1.9 MB PDF).

Download Data

The data from A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments are available in various formats:

Individual data sets can be accessed over the web as plain text files with labelled columns using a URL like
The xxx takes the form of exmpl3.2 for example 2 from chapter 3, ex2.5 for exercise 5 from chapter 2, and pr13.14 for problem 14 from chapter 13. You can access these directly from R via, for example,

All of the individual text data sets accessible via the web as above are also available in a single zip archive

Russ Lenth at the University of Iowa has also provided an R package that include the data sets from the book.
Download the package and save the file into a place where R can find it (e.g., your home directory or the desktop). Start R, set the working directory to that location (e.g., use setwd(), and then use
(The repos=NULL says not to find it online but to look for the package in the local files; the type="source" tells R the file format.) Once the package is installed, you can do
from within R to load all of the data. At that point, the command
should give you problem 4 from chapter 17.

Note that the data set names, variable names, and variable codings in oehlert.Rdata and the direct-web-accessible data may not be the same. An Ascii text file in SAS format. A zip archive of individual SAS data files. Again, thanks to Russ Lenth for these files.

Single text fileThis is in the MacAnova matread format.

Both the SAS data format and the MacAnova matread format are plain text files. You can download either and then cut/paste if you need to put the data into another format.

Test DistributionTest of zip download; don't try this at home.

Test EpubTest of Epub download; don't try this at home.

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