STAT8801 Resources

Communication/Meeting Skills/Explaining/General

The Ideal Consultant, Chapter 4 of The Human Side of Statistical Consulting. James Boen, Doug Zahn (1982). isbn pdf

The Completely Sufficient Statistician. Ralph O'Brien. Keynote Address for the 14th Annual Kansas State University Conference on Applied Statistics in Agriculture April 2002, reprinted on link pdf docx

Traits of a Successful Statistician. Gerald Hahn and Necip Doganaksoyis (2012). from link pdf docx

Communicating Statistics to Nonstatisticians, Kim Love, AmStat website, 1 Aug 2016. link

Email Thread from ASA Consulting List, April 2011, great example and commentary about getting all the information and answering the right question. pdf

Questions, Answers, and Statistics. Terry Speed (1986). ICOTS 2. pdf
History and Teaching Statistics (refers to above paper). Deborah Nolan. Chapter 9, of Selected Works of Terry Speed. doi local

The Heart of a Statistician's Career: Relationships and Interactions. Doug Zahn (2009). Amstat News, Sep 2009, 31-33. pdf

An Interview with Doug Zahn. Eric Vance (2014). The Statistical Consultant, 30(1) 4-7. link pdf

Type IV Errors: How Collaboration Can Lead to Simpler Analyses. Jonathan Stallings (2014). Amstat News, February 2014. pdf

Twenty-five Analogies for Explaining Statistical Concepts. Behar, Grima, Marco-Almagro (2013). The American Statistician, 67(1) 44-47. doi local

Statistical tests, P values, confidence intervals, and power: a guide to misinterpretations. Greenland, et. al (2016). Eur J Epidemiol (2016) 31:337-350. doi local

From "Statistical Consulting: A Guide to Effective Communication" by Janice Derr
excerpt on aligning expectations | cases

Excerpt from "The Lady Tasting Tea" by David Salzburg, and the page from Fisher referring to the experiment. pdf

Eric Vance, materials from CSP 2017 talks link | local
includes the POWER process, from LISA

Other courses:
UMN Biostats, 2014 link
UMN Biostats, 2013 link
VT syllabus, 2013 local


Is There a Reproducbility Crisis? Monya Baker (2016). Nature 533, p452-454. doi local

False-Positive Psychology: Undisclosed Flexibility in Data Collection and Analysis Allows Presenting Anything as Significant Joseph P. Simmons, Leif D. Nelson, and Uri Simonsohn (2011). Psychological Science 22(11) 1359-1366. doi local followup
Gelman commentary link

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False, Ioannidis (2005), PLoS Medicine 2(8) e124. doi local

The Earth is Round (p<.05). Cohen, Jacob (1994). American Psychologist, 49(12) 997-1003. doi local

Editorial [banning p-values and NHSTP]. Trafimow, David, and Marks, Michael. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 37(1), 1-2. doi local

Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures. Breiman, Leo (2001). Statistical Science 16(3) 199-231. doi local

Statistical Analysis and the Illusion of Objectivity. James Berger and Don Berry (1988). American Scientist, 76(2) 159-165. jstor local

Raise standards for preclinical cancer research. C. Glenn Begley & Lee M. Ellis, (2012). Nature 483, 531-533. doi local

Again, and Again, and Again... Introduction to Special Section on Data Replication and Reproducibility. Barbara R. Jasny, Gilbert Chin, Lisa Chong, Sacha Vignieri (2011). Science 02 Dec 2011, 334(6060) p1225. doi

The Trouble with Retractions. Richard Van Noorden (2001). Nature. 2011 Oct 5;478(7367):26-8. doi local

Deming, data and observational studies: A process out of control and needing fixing. S. Stanley Young and Alan Karr (2011). Significance, Sep 2011, 116-120. pdf

Odds Are, It's Wrong. Tom Siegfried (2010) Science News 177(7), pp. 26-29. doi | local | ASA response | all feedback


Collected Examples of (Mostly Bad) Graphics and Tables

Visual Revelations, Howard Wainer: Chapter 1, How To Display Data Badly local

Visualizing Data: Challenges to Presentation of Quality Graphics -- and Solutions. Naomi Robbins. Amstat News September 2011. pdf

Infovis and Statistical Graphics: Different Goals, Different Looks. Andrew Gelman and Antony Unwin (2013). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 22(1) 2-28. doi local excerpt responses

Choices in statistical graphics, Andrew Gelman, Presentation to New York Data Visualization Meetup, 14 Jan 2013. link local

Exploratory Data Analysis for Complex Models. Andrew Gelman (2004). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 13(4). doi local

Graphical Perception: Theory, Experimentation, and Application to the Development of Graphical Methods. William S. Cleveland and Robert McGill (1984). Journal of the American Statistical Association Vol. 79, No. 387 (Sep., 1984), pp. 531-554. doi jstor local

Box, Line, and Midgap Plots: Effects of Display Characteristics on the Accuracy and Bias of Estimates of Whisker Length. William A. Stock John T. Behrens (1991). Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 16(1) 1-20. doi local

A Componential Model of Human Interaction with Graphs: VI. Cognitive Engineering of Pie Graphs. Douglas J. Gillan and Anna Burd Callahan (2000). Human Factors 42(4) 566-591. doi local

40 years of boxplots. Hadley Wickham and Lisa Stryjewski (2011). link local

Using Graphical Displays for Evaluation Data. Gary Henry (1993). Evaluation Review 17(1) 60-78. doi local

Let's Practice What We Preach: Turning Tables into Graphs. Gelman, Pasarica, Dodhia (2002). The American Statistician, 56(2), p121-130. doi local

A life in statistics: Amanda Cox (winner of ASA award for excellence in statistical reporting). Significance, October 2012. pdf


UMN Research Ethics Initiative article link
Older Curriculum Resources link
Compliance Courses link

ASA Guidelines link-html link-pdf my-pdf my-tex old-summary

Statistics and Ethics: Some Advice for Young Statisticians Stephen B. Vardeman and Max D. Morris (2003). The American Statistician, February 2003, Vol. 57, No. 1 doi local

Principles of Professional Statistical Practice. W. Edwards Deming (1965). Annals of Mathematical Statistics 36(6) 1883-1900 jstor local

Code of Professional Conduct: A Personal View. W. Edwards Deming (1972). International Statistical Review 40(2) 215-219. jstor local

Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research, University of Pennsylvania pdf

A Guide to Research Ethics, University of Minnesota Center for Bioethics (2003). pdf

Fostering Integrity in Research, National Academies Press link local

On Being A Scientist, A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research. National Academies Press doi local

Avoiding Plagiarism. David Birnbaum and Helena Goscilo (2009). Online resource, now not available. pdf

APA Authorship Determination Guidelines site | link | pdf

Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice: A Historical Perspective. Jonas Ellenberg (1983). The American Statistician 37(1) 1-4. jstor local

Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice: The First 60 Years and Beyond. Shelley Hurwitz & John S. Gardenier (2012). The American Statistician 66(2) 99-103. doi local
Letter to the Editor about Hurwitz/Gardenier. Lawrence Lesser (2012). The American Statistician 66(4) 243-244. doi local

Teaching Ethics in a Statistics Curriculum with a Cross-Cultural Emphasis. Alan Elliot, S Lynne Stokes, Jing Cao. The American Statistican, 2017. doi
Elliot Presentation from CSP 2015 abstract | local pdf | local pptx

Scientists Behaving Badly. Brian C. Martinson, Melissa S. Anderson and Raymond de Vries (2005). Nautre, Vol 435, 9 June 2005, p.737-738. doi local

Ethics and Statistics: Honesty and Transparency Are Not Enough. Andrew Gelman (2017). CHANCE, 30:1, 37-39. doi local

Ethical Statistics and Statistical Ethics: Making an Interdisciplinary Module. Lawrence M. Lesser and Erik Nordenhaug (2004). Journal of Statistics Education 12(3). link local

Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research, Cases for Teaching and Assessment. Developed by Muriel J. Bebeau, et. al. (1995) pdf

Ethics in Science and Engineering National Clearinghouse link
Research Ethics: An Introduction. Tom Regan (2000). link local

Responsible Conduct of Research and Professional Ethics: Interactive Seminars and Mini Case Scenarios. Irving P. Herman (2016). link local

Ethical decision-making in research: Identifying all competing interests. Michael Kalichman (2002). Sci and Eng Ethics 8(1) 215-218. pdf excerpt

What is Ethics in Research & Why is it Important? by David B. Resnik, J.D., Ph.D. December 1, 2015 link notes

Authorship: why not just toss a coin? Kevin Strange (2008). Am J of Phys - Cell Physiology 295(3), C567-C575. doi local

Data confidentiality: A review of methods for statistical disclosure limitation and methods for assessing privacy. Matthews, Gregory J., and Harel, Ofer (2011). Statist. Surv. Volume 5 (2011), 1-29. doi

Willingness to Share Research Data Is Related to the Strength of the Evidence and the Quality of Reporting of Statistical Results. Wicherts, Jelte; Bakker, Marjan; Molenaar, Dylan (2011). PLOS ONE 6(11): e26828. doi local

Duke Officials Silenced Med Student Who Reported Trouble in Anil Potti's Lab. Paul Goldberg (2015). The Cancer Letter 41(1). link | pdf | video followup | Charlie comments

Ethics, Confidentiality, and Data Dissemination. Hermann Habermann, Deputy Director, US Census Bureau. link local

Animal experiments under fire for poor design. Nature 441(21/28), 28 Dec 2006. doi pdf


Duke Graduate School Scientific Writing Resource link

The Science of Scientific Writing. George Gopen, Judith Swann (1990). American Scientist Nov-Dec 1990. link local

Tips on Writing Results for a Scientific Paper. Kevin Cummins (2009). Amstat News, Sep 2009, 39-41. pdf

Recommendations for Describing Statistical Studies and Results in General Readership Science and Engineering Journals. Gardenier, J.S. Sci Eng Ethics (2012) 18: 651. doi local

From the University of Reading Statistical Services Centre:
Writing Research Protocols: A Statistical Perspective. link local
Writing Up Research: A Statistical Perspective. link local
Lots of other good guides there too. link to their site


Statistical Reasoning in the Legal Setting. Gastwirth, Joseph (1992). The American Statistician 46(1) 55-69. doi local

Can Statistics Tell Us What We Do Not Want to Hear? The Case of Complex Salary Structures. Gray, Mary (1993). Statistical Science 8(2) 144-158. doi local

Statistical and Legal Aspects of the Forensic Study of Illicit Drugs. Izenman, Alan Julian (2001). Statistical Science 16(1) 35-57. doi local

Damned Liars and Expert Witnesses. Meier, Paul (1986). JASA 81(394) 269-276. doi local

Paul Meier on Legal Consulting. Sandy Zabell (2013). The American Statistician, 67(1) 18-21. doi local

Suggestive Eyewitness Identification Procedures and the Supreme Court's Reliability Test in Light of Eyewitness Science: 30 Years Later. Wells, Gary, and Quinlivan, Deah (2009). Law and Human Behavior, 33(1), 1-24. doi local press release

Interesting Discussion Papers

PhD Comics: The Science News Cycle: link local

A retracted paper on GMOs:
Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize. Seralini (2012), Food and Chemical Toxicology, 50(11) 4221-4231. doi | local original | local retracted
press release pdf | early response

Methods for Studying Coincidences. Persi Diaconis and Frederick Mosteller (1989). JASA 84(408) 853-861. jstor local

The North Carolina Lottery Coincidence Leonard A. Stenfanski (2008). The American Statistician 62(2) 13-134. doi local

Rating Movies and the Raters Who Rate Them. Zhou, Hua, and Lange, Kenneth (2009). The American Statistician, 63(4) 297-307. doi local

Oral appliances for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea: a review. Ferguson KA, Cartwright R, Rogers R, Schmidt-Nowara W, (2006). Sleep. 29(2):244-62. doi local

Neural correlates of long-term intense romantic love. Acevado, et al., (2012). Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 7(2): 145-159. doi local

Examples of JAMA structure/writing style:
Effect of estr gen therapy on gallbladder disease. Cirillo, et al., (2005). JAMA. 19;293(3):330-9. doi local
Sirolimus-eluting stent or paclitaxel-eluting stent vs balloon angioplasty for prevention of recurrences in patients with coronary in-stent restenosis: a randomized controlled trial. Kastrati, et al., (2005). JAMA. 293(2):165-71. doi local

Referenced in Goshawks case, by Oehlert:
Use of the Probability Integral Transformation to Fit Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models With Nonnormal Random Effects. Nelson et. al (2006). Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 15:1, 39-57. doi


Navigating Work Force Trends in the Human Age. Chuck Kincaid (2012). Amstat News, March 2012, 26-27. link pdf

The World of Applied Statistics: Where Do YOU Fit In? Amstat News, March 2012, 28-31. link pdf

In the Hot Seat: Two Experienced Consultants Discuss Hiring Statisticians. Erin Tanenbaum (2010) Amstat News, July 2010, 27-31. link pdf

Adopting the Individual Strategy for Job Hunting. Terry Speed (2009). Amstat News, Sep 2009, 34-37. link pdf