Yuhong Yang

Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, School of Statistics - University of Minnesota

Curriculum Vitae

Office hours:
  • Thursday 1:15-2:15. If I am not available some Thursdays and you need to see me as DGS for urgent matters, please email me for appointment. For my signatures, please give the documents to Ms. Taryn Verley ahead of time.
Papers and Manuscripts

Research Interests:
  • Nonparametric function estimation. High-dimensional data analysis.
  • Model selection/combining in both theory and application.
  • Muti-armed bandit problems with covariates.
  • High-dimensional data analysis.
  • Forecasting.

Contact information:
US mail - School of Statistics, 313 Ford Hall, 224 Church Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455.
Send email to yyang AT stat DOT umn DOT edu
Phone: (612) 626-8337.

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Last updated Feb., 2017.