Computing Hints and Resources

Hints for LaTeX, R, Sweave, Emacs/ESS, and Arc.


Set Margins

A one-inch margin all around:


A single page, useful for when viewing on the computer:


Double Spacing (and variants)

Replace the 2 with the desired spacing, such as 1.5 for one-and-a-half spacing.



To use subfloats in your paper:

\usepackage[format=hang, justification=raggedright]{subfig}

Then include your graphics like this. Spaces matter in this package, so put % at the end of every line.

\subfloat[Caption for first figure.]{%
\quad %this puts a little space between the figures
% \\ % use this instead to start a new row of figures
\subfloat[Caption for second figure.]{%
\caption{Caption for both figures.}%