STAT8801, Spring 2009

This course follows four threads involved in statistical consulting: professional practice and ethics, communication, technical tools, and case studies.

Class Slides

Case Studies


Cannabis and Cancer (for Feb. 4):
handout | article | editorial | NZ report

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False (for Feb. 11):
handout | article | discussion (p. 1192-4) | response

Metaanalysis of Antidepressant Benefits (for Feb. 18):
handout | article

Coincidences (for Feb.25):
handout coming | Mosteller | Stefanski

"First in Man" Studies (for Mar. 4):
Skim this: NZ study | and read this: New Yorker

Statistics and the Law (for Mar. 11): Gastwirth


Methodology Talks (Apr. 17, Apr. 24, May 1) | handout



This course, and the corresponding material on this website, is based on a course developed by Douglas Hawkins and adapted and revised by Gary Oehlert in Fall 2007 and Sandy Weisberg in Spring 2008.