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Statistics 5303 Fall Semester, 2002

Information on final exam
I have posted general information on the final examination (PDF file). You are expected to download FinalData.dat (FinalData.dat.txt) containing two data sets to be analyzed prior to the in-class examination on December 21.

I have posted a slightly modified version of this which clarifies how the meat samples were selected.

Announcements (latest 11/22/02)
Instructor Christopher (Kit) Bingham
146E Classroom Office Bldg (612-625-7023) and 372 Ford Hall (612-625-1024)
Office hours after start of semester 11:35 - 12:35, MWF, 146E ClaOff
Teaching Assistant Lifeng Wang
Office hours: Tuesday 10:00-12:00, 146K Classroom Office Building, St. Paul

Lecture: MWF 10:40-11:30 a.m., ClaOff B36 in St. Paul.

Lab: Thursday 10:40-11:35m ClaOff 135 (computer lab)

The lab will meet Thursday, September 5. The lab will be spent on getting aquainted with MacAnova, the computer program you will be using this semester. If you have your own computer, you should download the latest version from

Gary W. Oehlert, A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments, W. H. Freeman, 2000

See the Course Information sheet (PDF version) for more information about coverage, computer use and course policies.

Also download Introduction to MacAnova. It may also be available as a course packet.

You will need the freeware program Acrobat Reader (Acroread) to read this and other course documents. If you don't have it, you can download it from

Very Tentative Examination schedule

First Midterm Examination Monday, October 7, 2002
Second Midterm Examination Monday, November 11, 2002
Final Examination (official time) Saturday, December 21, 2002, 1:30-3:30 pm


Assignment 1 PDF file
Assignment 2 PDF file
Assignment 3 PDF file
Assignment 4 PDF file
Assignment 5 PDF file
Assignment 6 PDF file
Assignment 7 PDF file
Assignment 8 PDF file
Assignment 9 PDF file
Assignment 10 PDF file
Assignment 11 PDF file
Assignment 12 PDF file

Solutions to Homeworks 1 - 12 are now available for downloading. They are in the form of PDF documents prepared by Lifeng Wang. To access solutions, you will need the same password as required for class notes.

Exam solutions


Sample Exams

Errors in Textbook

There are some errors in Oehlert's text. Some of them have been collected in a PDF file. In particular this contains a correction to the sums of squares provided in Exercise 10.1.

Frequently Asked Computing Questions

I have posted a web page for Frequently Asked Computing Questions. I expect many of these will concern MacAnova, but other issues may come up.

Topics as of 10/6/02

MacAnova Macros

I will post here any new MacAnova macros you may find useful.

Before using a macro file, you should run the following command:

Cmd> addmacrofile(getfilename())

This will bring up a file navigation dialog box. You should find the macro file and select it and click on Open or OK. Then you can use any macro in the file normally.

Class notes and overheads

Within a few days after most lectures, I will post on the web edited copies of the overheads used. You can download them from You will need the special user name and password announced in class to access them.

Please let me know if you have any problem reading them. You will need a special user name and password provided in class to access them.

Data Files

Oehlert data sets
All of the data used in the text is available in computer readable form. You can download data in several forms from If you have your own computer, you will probably find it convenient to download a complete set of files to keep on your hard drive. They will all fit on a single 1.44M floppy disk.

Other data sets
Data File to download
File of carbonwire data from Anderson and Bancroft carbonwire.dat
File with data set carton3 containing Carton
Experiment 3 artificial data for Oehlert Example 11.2
File with data set stomata containing data set
used in the sample second mid term exam
File with data set fisherdata used in the handout
on RCB analysis
File with data sets kirkdata and milkdata used in
handout on analysis of Latin squares
File with data set weardata used in the handout
on BIB analysis
File with data set sandt from Steele and Torrie used
in the Lecture 38 (12/06/02) as an example of a split
plot experiment
File with data sets cochcoxtab6.8 and johndata used in the
handout on confounding
File with data sets data1 and data2 used in the
handout on fractional replication
File with data sets tastemeat and activity
to be analyzed before the final exam on 12/21/02

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C Bingham

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