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Rweb is a web interface to the statistical computing package "R", which is a general purpose computing language especially designed for statistics. You can do any computing problem in R, but it is designed mainly for statistics. To use Rweb go to the Rweb home page. There you will be asked to choose one of Rweb's two modes of operation:

Try both and see which you like.

To run Rweb, you type some statements in the R language into the text area on the general version page or in the "Rweb Code Window" made by clicking on the "Open Code Window" button on the JavaScript version page.


The R commands

     x <- rnorm(1000)
generate 1000 normally distributed random numbers and plot a histogram.

The R commands

     x <- rnorm(100)
     y <- x + rnorm(100)
     plot(x, y)
     foo <- lm(y ~ x)
generate normally distributed data for linear regression, make the scatter plot, and draw the least squares regression line.

For more uses of Rweb, see the pages on