PhD Students

Ongoing: Ning Dai, Karl Oskar Ekvall, Haema Nilakanta (co-advisor with Zack Almquist), Ding Xiang, and Yang Yang (co-advisor with Zack Almquist)

Dootika Vats, February 2017, ``Estimating High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices in Markov Chain Monte Carlo'' R package for MCMC standard errors. Current position: NSF-funded postdoc at University of Warwick.

Christina Knudson (Co-advisor with Charles Geyer), December 2015, ``Monte Carlo Likelihood Approximation for Generalized Linear Mixed Models.'' R package for ML inference in GLMMs using MCLA Current position: Assistant Professor at University of St. Thomas.

Felipe Acosta, December 2015, ``Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Mixed Models.'' R package for ML inference in GLMMs using MCEM Employed at Natera

Martin Bezener (co-advisor with John Hughes), January 2015, ``Bayesian Spatiotemporal Modeling using Hierarchical Spatial Priors with Applications to Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging.'' Employed at Stat-Ease

Kuo-Jung Lee, July 2010, ``Computational Issues in Using Bayesian Hierarchical Methods for Spatial Modeling of fMRI Data.'' Current Position: Assistant Professor at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan City, Taiwan

Alicia Johnson, July 2009, ``Geometric Ergodicity of Gibbs Samplers.'' Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Macalester College.

James Flegal (Co-advisor with Glen Meeden), June 2008, ``Monte Carlo Standard Errors for Markov Chain Monte Carlo.'' Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Statistics at University of California, Riverside.

Ronald Neath (Co-advisor with Morris Eaton), August 2006, ``Monte Carlo Methods for Likelihood-Based Inference in Hierarchical Models.'' Current position: Lecturer in Discipline, Columbia University.

Master's (Plan B) Students

Teng Peng, Spring 2017, ``Yelp Image Classification.''

Bryan McCauley, Spring 2013, ``Predicting Major League Performance with Minor League Performance.''

Jeffrey Clobes, Summer 2012, ``On the Probability of Winning a Football Game--Revisiting Hal Stern's Paper.''

Christine Oehlert, Summer 2011, ``Causes of Water Variation.''

Daeun Jun, Summer 2010, ``Admissibility of Bayes Estimators.''

Marta Shore, Fall 2007, ``Using Linear Regression to Evaluate Managerial Strategies in Major League Baseball.'

Andrew Finley, Summer 2007, ``An R Package for Fitting Bayesian Spatial Models.''

Alexia Zarling, Summer 2007, ``FIS Points vs. BLUPS: Ranking World Cup Skiers.''

Yiqun Mou, Summer 2006, ``Monte Carlo Likelihood Approximation Methods for Geostatistical Models.''

William Afllege, Summer 2006, ``Longitudinal Analysis of Minnesota's Operation NightCAP Program.''

Fred Kueffer, Spring 2004, ``Predicting Baseball Season Ending Winning Percentages Utilizing Mixed Model Methodology.''

Francisca Winston, Spring 2003, ``Evaluating Random-Effects Models for Estimating Voter Preference in the 2000 Presidential Election.''