STAT 5303: Designing Experiments
Spring Semester 2017

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Basic Information

Official University policies on many issues are available here.


Some good news and some bad news:

The bad news is that the textbook is out of print so it is not readily available from bookstores, although you may find a used copy somewhere.
The good news is that the author (Prof. Oehlert) has generously made the book available as a no-cost download. Go to his page for links to the PDF file for the book itself and datafiles for examples and exercises from that book. You can also buy a hard copy version of that PDF file from Paradigm Copies.


Basic R information

We will use R.

Here is an introduction to R.

You may download R for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux from the R-Project home page.

R package Stat5303

We will use Prof. Oehlert's R package called Stat5303, which adds some extra commands that we will need.

The current version of this package is here. You will need to download and install two packages, but they will require several other packages, too, so it may take a while. Fortunately, you only need to do that once.

Then each time you start R you will need to use

to make the extra commands available in that R session.


This is as much a list of what the project is not as it is a list of what it is.

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