• SOC 8811: Advanced Social Statistics (Major requirement, PhD)
  • SOC 8412: Social Network Analysis: Theory and Methods (Graduate, elective, PhD)
  • SOC 3811: Social Statistics (Major Requirement, BA/BS)
  • SOC 3412/3412H: Social Networking (Undergraduate, elective, honors, BA/BS)
  • SOC 3090: Topics: The Sociology of Neighborhoods (Undergraduate, elective, online, BA/BS)


  • STAT 5931: Topics: Predictive Modeling of Spatial, Textual and Network Data (Undergraduate/Graduate, elective, BS/MS)
  • STAT 5201: Sampling Methodology in Finite Populations (Undergraduate/Graduate, elective, BS/MS)
  • STAT 3701: Introduction to Statistical Computing (Major requirement, BA/BS)
  • STAT 3022: Data Analysis (Major requirement, BA/BS)